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How much beneficial is Dot-Com Transformation?

With the rapid downfall of the world economy, dot-com companies still hold a possibility of growth and development with expanding their online presence. While Brick and Mortar companies are facing slashes with lower sales revenue. Not only these companies but even start-ups are bubbling with the ropes of online business. Do you know why? Online…

Social Media a Hot Cake

Wow! What a rise! There is a 100% growth in social media usage by the youth this year. Smart phones, 4G enabled mobile data; easy accessibility to social media platforms has raised the number of users by 100% in India. Even after such a tremendous growth barely 10% of the total population is currently socially…

Television ( Chota Parda ) GRP & TRP

Television – Not a Cake Walk!

There was a time in Indian television when 9:30 morning on Sunday used to be the best time on television. The entire family used to get up early, get ready and sit in their drawing rooms with neighbors and family members to watch epic serials like Mahabharat & Ramayan. Sunday evening Jam packed movie session…