How much beneficial is Dot-Com Transformation?

With the rapid downfall of the world economy, dot-com companies still hold a possibility of growth and development with expanding their online presence. While Brick and Mortar companies are facing slashes with lower sales revenue. Not only these companies but even start-ups are bubbling with the ropes of online business.

Do you know why?

Online Business has become no more hype but real truth that stimulates their expansion and strengthen the customer base by exploring the horizons of local boundaries. There is always a mushrooming demand to extend your brick and mortar business with click and Portal so that you can increase the opportunities of growth and development. A true industry observer may not find it dramatic to create an online presence because he understands where the stability of growth lies. 

If you still have questions, read the claims and conclusions made by the Researcher.

 A research conducted by Gartner regarding online platform claims that almost 81% of small business found it beneficial in expanding their business. They have seen significant growth in their business when sold products through the online platform during last year’s holiday season and festival months. This led to a proliferation in the business and simultaneously attracted potential customers onto their site.

Beyond that, there are additional reasons for a dot-com transformation.

The small climb gets you a broader leap

The Internet has become a bursting bubble that is nourishing the growth of multiple industries. It has completely changed the ways how traditional business was done. It strengthens the reputation of your company and allows selling products in any corner of the world with a strong and supportive system. Along with that, it helps in bridging networking and stimulating multiple businesses that support each other in growing.

Isn’t that so beneficial? Look at PayTm and its ever-growing customer base irrespective of competitors in the market.

The growth of the internet has created a change in the perception and attitude of customers and has shaped their behaviour towards the payment system and maintaining E-Wallets. That’s a good omen! So you do have not to convince customers for online payment. (Maintains social distancing)

Building and Blasting both are possible

Creating an online presence could be an easy task but the real pressure is in maintaining it. To resolve your problem, use Digital Marketing tools and techniques to directly connect with your customers (Interested) and attract potential clients simultaneously. Further, to ease your task, you can hire a professional Marketing Agency who will take care of your end-to-end activities and pay attention to every corner to increase your visibility followed by attractive content and appealing visuals.

Irrespective of your target market, today almost everyone has a mobile and basic internet connection and there are some of the other ways glued to technology. They demand convenience and innovation. Thus, with online activity, you can develop various touchpoints for your customers and ensure convenience by delivering goods at their doorstep (yes, they will be sanitized well).

Do you know, Zomato provided No Contact Delivery during COVID-19. They delivered goods at the doorstep with online payment. (Zero Interaction Delivery)

This is how you can grow and multiply your business taking the benefits of moment marketing. 

Shhh! It cuts cost and expenses

Looking towards the development and augmentation of new technologies, it has become very easy and convenient to deal with the operations without involving much cost. You can bill the products with quick scanning and easily ship them at the right place with the help of supply chain management. Thus, online shopping will minimize your operating cost without incurring any additional expense over repairs and Maintainance by adopting dot-com solutions.

Your cost savings can later turn into a company’s net profit.

Then why to wait for, no opportunity will knock your door again.

It’s the right time to open the door and accept the offer.

Social Media a Hot Cake

Wow! What a rise! There is a 100% growth in social media usage by the youth this year. Smart phones, 4G enabled mobile data; easy accessibility to social media platforms has raised the number of users by 100% in India. Even after such a tremendous growth barely 10% of the total population is currently socially active.

The significant change in the growth rate is due to the Facebook users which rule the today’s social media platform rankings by increasing millions of active users every month in the entire world.  Even having at the rate of increasing one user every second, it can be calculated to have 50% population using social media platforms in coming more than 15 years. Facebook is already rocking the stage however the upcoming chat platforms like Whatsapp has started snatching the limelight.

Active mobile users have two apps for sure in their smart phones, a Facebook login and Whatsapp to chat throughout the day.

This is becoming a hot cake for the smart entrepreneurs and start-ups to roll their dice easily in front of mass. Investing a small amount and having millions of eyeballs over it, offers the accessibility to entrepreneurs in this digitally growing world. Using the platforms of digital media like LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook incurs less investment and more visibility.

Bringing more network and fortune to these star-ups, Business Mantra offers social media and designing solutions for all. Right from designing a logo to branding a name, doing PR and social media posts, we are a team to offer you all under one roof. Let’s grow big together.

Television – Not a Cake Walk!

There was a time in Indian television when 9:30 morning on Sunday used to be the best time on television. The entire family used to get up early, get ready and sit in their drawing rooms with neighbors and family members to watch epic serials like Mahabharat & Ramayan. Sunday evening Jam packed movie session with neighbors and family members again and before that I also never missed watching “SPIDERMAN”.

Time changed and many various channels were introduced, slowly people who used to wait eagerly for Chitrahaar Songs & HUMLOG, started flicking channels to program of their choice. The Television kept introducing more technology and offered various stupendous shows with development. In this due course, the pitching new programs on such channels became a tough task for the Producers as these channels had tough competition to gain more TRP’s for their programs being telecast. News which had a regular timing to be telecast in the late evening at 9:00 to 9:30 pm became a channel in itself. Advertisers saw more potential in demonstrating the benefits of their products b the means of television advertising and the channels kept upgrading their standards.

Producers and writers are busy making extraordinary content for the television channels, not only to make money but also to educate the society about the fast development of technology, new laws, and new system, to aware people of the good and bad happening in the society these days. Television plays a vital role in the development of the mind sets of the people these days. It gives you the facts and figures of the things and movements you aren’t aware of. It enriches our knowledge and helps you develop the Wisdom to act profoundly in various situations and circumstances. Television is a teacher which grooms you in all aspects of life by demonstrating the stories in serials and brings you closer to the world you live in.

Reading all this, did you think of the team or those people who have been a part of your teaching indirectly by working behind and in the front scene of this television industry called Chota Parda? Surprisingly very few of us are aware of the process. Soon in my next blog, I will introduce the process of this Chota Parda to you to be a part of it.

Television ( Chota Parda ) GRP & TRP

We watch many programs on television, advertisements, documentaries and various TV shows. How do you think the measurement of being a popular program or movie is rated? Like any other industry, television also has measuring parameters. GRP which is an abbreviation of Gross Rating Point is a metric to measure impressions in relation to the number of people in the audience for advertisement, TV shows campaigns. Usually GRP values are used by media buying companies to compare the advertising strength of various media mediums.

GRP is used to check which channel has more popularity and the audience flicks to one particular channel or stays at the particular channel for number of hours. Similarly TRP shows the popularity of the particular program on the channel. This keeps on changing and the channel knows which programs are gaining them reach more audience. This practice decides the rates of advertisement, rates of programs etc. Television industry relies on GRP and TRP for all its telecast or upcoming programs. For e.g. Diya aur Baati hum gained to be most popular tv program and had highest TRP for a long time. Mahabharat which started with low TRP gained heights with due course of time, Reality shows, Crime shows like CID, Savdhaan India have been constantly high on TRP and that means audiences prefer to watch such programs.

Life OK, Star Plus, Zee TV, India TV, Sony, Discovery, Pogo and so many more. More than 800 tv satellite channels are being broadcasted in India to which we can flick and see various programs. Television industry has grown speedily in last two decades. We at Runway Entertainment would keep bringing you latest news and updates of Chota Parda i.e. Television industry. Our effort is to aware the audience about the minute details of this industry.