Life is a Paper & Karma is a Pen!

Talking yesterday with my hubby after coming home, he happened to use this phrase and I loved it to brief more by writing a blog for you. Dedicating this blog to you my hubby.

I just shared with him that God loves me more than other people, to this he said, God loves everyone, I agreed! God sent us on this beautiful earth to enjoy the charm of life and set an example of the best human being. But what did we do? We started pulling down our friends and closed ones to climb the ladder of success; success which is a never ending journey and has no defined destination.

Some of us don’t understand life as a blank paper and scribble anything we like; whereas some are very careful in writing on this paper called Life, and they scribble, draw and start it with nice words putting appropriate headlines and decorating with pictures. People are busy comparing their lives with others and forget the wealth they are blessed by God. What is the routine of a person, one day he lives on this mother earth? What is that he does for the nation in 24 hours he spends daily? Goes to office, visit temples, go for shopping or eat and sleep?

Did you ever think of Life as a blank paper and you are asked to make the most of it? Did you ever feel like making this life a beautiful painting for God who has blessed you this life? Well, when I happened to ask few of my friends, their answer was “Life ke itne jhamele hein ki kuch achha plan karne ka time bhi nahin hai aur paise bi nahin”.

Vivek(my hubby), says, “ Let’s write beautiful on this paper of life, let’s decorate it with good “Karma”, and deeds which purifies our soul and heart. Everyone does for himself, anything and everything he desires for. But how many of us think beyond and do something for our nation. Shopping mall mein thousands of rupees spend karneko we have time, money and energy all. But when it comes to buy a balloon on the road side or to give a rupee to the beggar we show our negotiation skills and ask the beggar to go away and not waste our time. Where we could have bought a balloon for 50/- rupees and given 10/- rupees to the beggar we choose to chit chat and speak harshly to those begging for food to us.

We can easily do good deeds by merely speaking well to others, but we choose to bitch, gossip and speak bad and let people down for their silly mistakes. These things make us a wrong human, the human whom God didn’t create but we made ourselves in comparison and competition. I promise myself to speak well, which I usually do and oath to write beautifully on this paper of LIFE with the pen of KARM. Do you promise too? We will not become poor if we behave well, we won’t die if we don’t bitch, and we won’t lose if we don’t compete: we would surely become a refined one if we just focus on good deeds. Helping others at work, small monetary helps, smiling to all and not returning the harsh words to our family and friends would do all.

Let us decorate the PAPER called LIFE with all the beautiful colors of KARMA and gift it to GOD to make HIM feel proud and smile on us!

Sanitize Your SOUL

#CoronaVirus is all over the world, affecting 190 countries now. Facts & figures all in front of you. We all are crazily buying sanitizers & disinfectants to keep ourselves, our hands etc clean of bacteria & disease.

So easily the virus is spreading that we all have isolated ourselves from this virus to be alive. In such time I just thought *aise hi* – do we ever think on sanitizing our SOUL??

Do we not make each other unhappy every day? Shout on elders? scold children? disobey our partners? yell, misbehave, not pray, no charity, no mercy, we practically are completely infectious of the Virus named

#inhumanity #hate-redness #loveless #selfishness

How many days in a year of 365, do we remember when we did not spread the virus of negativity & humiliation. When did you last remember telling your elders you love them? When did you voluntarily took a day off & enjoyed shopping and fun with family without ignoring them?

Why are we dying every day? Why can’t we live & let live to others or teach people to live happily? Why can’t we be our own BEST version & kill all bacteria and virus inside us.

So much we do for the body in which we live in & so less or nothing at all for the soul we are blessed of by the God.

 I have started my journey to SANITIZE MY SOUL for last 6 years now. I want to be better ME, better God’s child & better version of a human being which can make God smile of His Own creation.

Perception and positive attitude

Perception and Positive attitude: The two main important factors while analyzing the circumstances and events of life are strong perception and a positive attitude. You all want a smooth and peaceful life and a great career to possess, however you choose upon the easier and simpler tasks so that you can just finish the same on time. By doing so, you lead a path which is mostly travelled and needs less instincts to be followed. Your own positivity and perception are lost as you keep walking on the foot prints of others, forgetting what they would have really achieved at the end. Even for a person like me who wants to write everything about having a strong and clear perception and positive attitude, many times I lack having the same as if missed out in the routine and not given enough credence. I have faced it couple of times when I have not been able to write positively, the reader has not valued it and its being less appreciated.

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Few years ago I decided to bring some positive changes in my life by focusing more on the optimistic point of view and having strong perception to follow the same. This was the positive state of my mind where I chose to travel the less travelled path and design a road for self facing problems. I very well knew the path is less travelled and would not be full of experiences and examples to set and less guidance to be attained; however the less travelled path seemed to me more exciting and challenging. There was a transformation in me while doing so, and I realized few facts of living a happy life with positive attitude and believing on my own perception for situations in life. I would like to make you go through the positive feelings which made me live happier and climb stairs steadily in personal as well professional front.

  • Initiate with strong positive feelings when you start a day/ task or work; this would enable you have more positive people around and when you are charged up with energy, the energy flows back to you. Don’t drag yourself to do a work, instead take each work as priority and do it with sheer perfection and dedication, you will feel less stressed out and achieve positive results.
  • Read positive books, follow audio and video tapes to bring you close to positivity and make it a routine avoiding all the negativity around. Soon you would realize as if an eternal force is helping you achieve your goals.
  • Your perception and language shape up your attitude, you must read to excel and vision strongly to attain, talk positively to people around, have clear perception in what to be done, use words like “awesome” “amazing” “fantastic” “beautiful” “ outstanding”, and you would soon realize all coming your way.
  • Have gratitude and attitude to respect, appreciate and thank people for any help they render. This way you come close to positive people around and attract positivity. Your attitude to have gratitude would take you to the next level of wisdom and depicts you as a refined personality, people look up at you admire.
  • Reinforce yourself with regular battery charging up schedules, you stop at one point charge yourself with positivity and go back with full fledge, you demonstrate a strong persona to others.
  • Believe that you have the power, no one else can cheer you up more than yourself; dig out within to know yourself better. You have that power inside which needs to be blast for good, do a regular exercise of talking to self for few minutes, this would give you solutions to many problems and encounter you with the hidden power you possess.
  • Embrace life at every situation good or bad, just put yourself to imaginary dead bed and understand time stands still for no one. You are on this earth for a purposeful life and live it to the best. Take your decisions now and don’t prolong, start today to excel tomorrow.
  • Design your attitude yourself and control your reactions, no one else can refine you the way you can do yourself. You and only you have known self better than others; you have to work on your reactions and attitude so as to present the best. You have to make it a practice to be excellent at anything you do whether personal or professional. If you learn your perception towards something was wrong, don’t wait for others to point out, rather take yourself on task and do it immediately.
  • You have to believe that you are more than just being enough, your perception towards yourself and attitude to accept things would acquaint you with the better you hidden inside. Keep yourself calm at facing troubles and issues, your positive outlook would help you facing troubles with ease and take a rational decision. If you panic and go negative you lose its sight of being correct.
  • Life doesn’t come with a guarantee card and you are not aware of your future so instead looking for a perfect destination, focus on travelling perfectly and live each moment as if it was the last one for you, you would notice a 360 degree change in your attitude and perception.

William James a psychologist said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.”

An attitude to succeed and overcome any obstacles of your life, a perception to not only perceive things rightly but to change your perception to do right, is something you would not learn by school education or degree in college but would have to discover it within. The insight to this eBook is only meant for yourself realization; make you a better in your league but to introduce the hidden persona and shine brightly to the outer world. I have an example to match my statement here; Oprah Gail Winfrey, born in an ordinary family and raised by single mother, she went through hell in her childhood, neither the best education, nor a good upbringing, yet she is one of the most famous personalities of United States. Winfrey’s positive attitude towards life led a path for success every time she faced a hardship, she accepted the challenge called life and kept climbing ahead in her career. She is known as one of the famous personalities and her talk show is the most known to all, a black female stood firm amongst white men, with courage and attitude to demonstrate, leading the TV industry only due to positive attitude and a strong perception to lead.