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Life is a Paper & Karma is a Pen!

Talking yesterday with my hubby after coming home, he happened to use this phrase and I loved it to brief more by writing a blog for you. Dedicating this blog to you my hubby. I just shared with him that God loves me more than other people, to this he said, God loves everyone, I…

Sanitize Your SOUL

#CoronaVirus is all over the world, affecting 190 countries now. Facts & figures all in front of you. We all are crazily buying sanitizers & disinfectants to keep ourselves, our hands etc clean of bacteria & disease. So easily the virus is spreading that we all have isolated ourselves from this virus to be alive….

Perception and positive attitude

Perception and Positive attitude: The two main important factors while analyzing the circumstances and events of life are strong perception and a positive attitude. You all want a smooth and peaceful life and a great career to possess, however you choose upon the easier and simpler tasks so that you can just finish the same…