Life is like a roller-coaster ride

Life is like a roller-coaster rideI happened to visit Imagica yesterday with the entire family, enjoyed all rides and especially the Roller-coaster ride which was zip zap zoooom…At the beginning I was little nervous and thought of skipping it, however the family encouraged me to have fun and enjoy the ride. We all got into the train and seated well, having a thrill in mind and bit of nervy feeling too, there was a little fear in the back of the mind that what sort of experience is it going to be? The train started slowly taking us from a shelter curved tunnel and taking small turns, preparing us to be cool headed and then here we go….up and down, right and turn and so on. We enjoyed almost 3 to 4 minutes of thrilling and adventurous ride.

Feeling up above all, and as if we are flying all alone; everyone had different experience though some were enjoying and other nervous and wanted the ride to get over. Screams and yells were heard, many of us waving to the crowd and this way the thrilling entertainment got over just within minutes. Everyone got down from the train and shared their experience, I was speechless for a moment; didn’t realize whether I was scared or I enjoyed it. But the overall experience was good and I got to know that I enjoyed when I saw a bigger roller-coaster ride there itself and told myself, “I would like to have its experience too”.

Life is also like a roller-coaster ride, everyone has different experiences and views about how to live and what to do; there are many ups and downs in life, many people scream and yell about the life events and live this journey whereas many gladly accept the fact and live it fully. In this roller-coaster ride of life no one is able to understand what the others feel and why people behave differently to various situations as everyone is busy understanding their own experience of riding this roller-coaster. I believe in riding the highest roller-coaster in my life and enjoy the thrill it has to offer, along with all those who are ready to adventure it, although it needs guts and courage to do so but the experience would only be gained by those who are willing too.

Let us bring out the daring in ourselves and have a desire to flaunt while riding this trickiest roller coaster of life charmingly. Let us give a flying kiss to all those who are witnessing us from far and wanting to ride this tough roller-coaster like us. And scream it loud in the air yeahhhhhh, welcoming the unseen fun of life and shouting away the pain we have inside.