Jealously, admiration, or inspiration?

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A few weeks back, my cousin shared that her friend’s hubby gets up by 4 am as he is a great leader and has to handle 2700+ people reporting to him in the organization. That day while going to bed instead of checking Instagram stories, I Googled about people getting up early morning. My decision became firm to do so, and within a week I started practicing the same.  I owe you dear cousin and also the one who inspired me, we shall definitely sit across the table and share a deal in the future, let me climb the stairs to reach that level.

What happens when I get up at 4 am?
The whole universe seems to be tuning to your thoughts and you start getting all the answers you have ever doubted. Long-term business ideas, good deeds to be done, great achievements being planned, it feels as if God wanted that conversation to hit me so strongly. Even on Saturdays and Sundays mornings, I have to make myself sleep till late just for the sake of the fear of my poor health conditions for so long. 

Solutions at 4 am
2022 – September, October, November, and December was a tough period of life. Both emotionally, mentally, financially, and moreover physically too. My health got disturbed a few times, one international client had somehow taken away my peace of mind by dictating his terms and tone to me. Fear of losing a big client, the entire burden got shifted to the team performing his tasks and disturbed the entire organization. All of sudden this getting up by 4 am started giving me more peace than ever before, and finally got some guts to say we are not interested to work for you the dear client.

When you are self-aware, you know you have that power within to excel but people around make you feel incompetent. Don’t listen to people around you, go with your instincts and give another good leader to the world. Be patient, calm, and composed, and the universe is all set to make your every wish come true.

2023 started well, early mornings, no late evenings, a good healthcare regime, good words to share, and much more. Love sharing thoughts so just planned to scribble and share with many people who are thinking like me on this earth. May this reaches you too..drop me a comment if you enjoyed the read.

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