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Why are CMOs expected to be customer champions? 

Why are CMOs known as frontline defenders of the brand? 

Why CMOs are called the drivers of company growth initiatives? 

CMOs are intellectually ambidextrous and visionary. They have the knack to flip between the art and science of marketing and quickly adapt to the changing requirements of brand development. 

Every business begins with an idea that is just waiting to hatch. It undergoes several rejections and modifications before taking any final decision. It’s quite obvious that you will think about where your dollars go first and how much output you can seize. 

Yes, initially you may have doubt or hesitation regarding the success rate of your idea launch. And certainly, that is holding you to conceptualize your idea into reality. The best you do is stop thinking over the possibilities of failure and dive in to see the results. 

Now, you must be wondering – 

“Am I building a castle in the air? Or shooting an arrow with no hit target?” 

You are correct. Every product launch or brand promotion requires a significant amount of investment to experience the desired results and you can’t do so aimlessly, right? 

That’s where CMO comes into the picture. 

CMO – The lifeblood of any organization 

CMOs are whole-brained. They discuss a pool of ideas that never come to life due to paralysis by analysis. As a result, CMOs contribute crucially in creating an actionable plan and developing some solid proof strategies to convert your concept into reality. 

The idea doesn’t have to be forgotten. It can get better by conducting A/B testing for bringing some sincere improvements to the idea. 

CMO – Following agile management 

Every organization has the fear of failure. Therefore where frontline managers may fail to convert the idea into reality, CMOs work enthusiastically and follow agile management to make it happen. 

They conduct research, study the market space and competition and invest quality time to convert a concept into reality. No matter the concepts, CMOs remain agile and be open to exploring the idea if it can affect the profit shortly. 

CMO – Functions with a lean startup model 

Would-be entrepreneurs often get stuck in the ideation process because they put the effort into testing ideas rather than the product. However, in a real sense, follow a lean startup model and conduct a series of small tests to validate your idea quickly and inexpensively. 

Go and do as many target interviews as you can and focus on the problem-solving part. That’s the basics of brand building and development. 

Hire CMO now for a successful built-in strategic formulation!