My life is your dream & Your life is Mine!

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After having a blissful Diwali, there is still a sense of dissatisfaction within. While just roaming around the town during Diwali I found few beggars on the road side. A young girl with two siblings I guess, were sitting and counting coins they had.

I stood there for few minutes and watched them; I got tears in my eyes. I was completely dressed up and they had hardly worn full clothes and that was a DIWALI DAY.

People often tell beggars to work, but I haven’t seen anyone giving them work in real sense. I couldn’t resist myself, so gave few rupees to them and also wished them Happy Diwali, which they could hardly understand. But I guess seeing me smiling and wishing them, they returned me a smile.

While coming back home in the car, I discussed the life of beggars and billionaires with my hubby. To this he used the above phrase “(Billionaires) Your life is my dream, and My life is Yours (Beggars). We all aim to become billionaires and poor might want to become like us.

No one of us is unknown to the stark reality of how many people sleep hungry daily and how many die out of starvation.

I feel too shameful when I read the facts and figures of poverty in India and the entire world. I am not able to forget their faces till now and it takes me to a hurricane of thoughts when I read articles saying millions of people starving, homeless, and malnourished in India, which is known as a Digital India now.

Should we all have a debate in festivals talking about how insensitive the Government is about such alarming issues? Is a fistful of rice, a roti or any food so expensive for us that we can’t feed one person a week? Won’t it give us more happiness to feed a poor child instead of decorating lamps and spending thousands on fire crackers?

I feel it as a matter of disgrace that we are not able to bring a change within and do something for making our country a better place to live in. This festive I promise myself to do a small effort of feeding just one person in a week OR devoting my few hours of a month to join a NGO and do something for the poor in my country and beyond.

I am definitely going to use my life improving the life of poor not only in my country but in the entire world.