Life is a Paper & Karma is a Pen!

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Talking yesterday with my hubby after coming home, he happened to use this phrase and I loved it to brief more by writing a blog for you. Dedicating this blog to you my hubby.

I just shared with him that God loves me more than other people, to this he said, God loves everyone, I agreed! God sent us on this beautiful earth to enjoy the charm of life and set an example of the best human being. But what did we do? We started pulling down our friends and closed ones to climb the ladder of success; success which is a never ending journey and has no defined destination.

Some of us don’t understand life as a blank paper and scribble anything we like; whereas some are very careful in writing on this paper called Life, and they scribble, draw and start it with nice words putting appropriate headlines and decorating with pictures. People are busy comparing their lives with others and forget the wealth they are blessed by God. What is the routine of a person, one day he lives on this mother earth? What is that he does for the nation in 24 hours he spends daily? Goes to office, visit temples, go for shopping or eat and sleep?

Did you ever think of Life as a blank paper and you are asked to make the most of it? Did you ever feel like making this life a beautiful painting for God who has blessed you this life? Well, when I happened to ask few of my friends, their answer was “Life ke itne jhamele hein ki kuch achha plan karne ka time bhi nahin hai aur paise bi nahin”.

Vivek(my hubby), says, “ Let’s write beautiful on this paper of life, let’s decorate it with good “Karma”, and deeds which purifies our soul and heart. Everyone does for himself, anything and everything he desires for. But how many of us think beyond and do something for our nation. Shopping mall mein thousands of rupees spend karneko we have time, money and energy all. But when it comes to buy a balloon on the road side or to give a rupee to the beggar we show our negotiation skills and ask the beggar to go away and not waste our time. Where we could have bought a balloon for 50/- rupees and given 10/- rupees to the beggar we choose to chit chat and speak harshly to those begging for food to us.

We can easily do good deeds by merely speaking well to others, but we choose to bitch, gossip and speak bad and let people down for their silly mistakes. These things make us a wrong human, the human whom God didn’t create but we made ourselves in comparison and competition. I promise myself to speak well, which I usually do and oath to write beautifully on this paper of LIFE with the pen of KARM. Do you promise too? We will not become poor if we behave well, we won’t die if we don’t bitch, and we won’t lose if we don’t compete: we would surely become a refined one if we just focus on good deeds. Helping others at work, small monetary helps, smiling to all and not returning the harsh words to our family and friends would do all.

Let us decorate the PAPER called LIFE with all the beautiful colors of KARMA and gift it to GOD to make HIM feel proud and smile on us!