Social Media a Hot Cake

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Wow! What a rise! There is a 100% growth in social media usage by the youth this year. Smart phones, 4G enabled mobile data; easy accessibility to social media platforms has raised the number of users by 100% in India. Even after such a tremendous growth barely 10% of the total population is currently socially active.

The significant change in the growth rate is due to the Facebook users which rule the today’s social media platform rankings by increasing millions of active users every month in the entire world.  Even having at the rate of increasing one user every second, it can be calculated to have 50% population using social media platforms in coming more than 15 years. Facebook is already rocking the stage however the upcoming chat platforms like Whatsapp has started snatching the limelight.

Active mobile users have two apps for sure in their smart phones, a Facebook login and Whatsapp to chat throughout the day.

This is becoming a hot cake for the smart entrepreneurs and start-ups to roll their dice easily in front of mass. Investing a small amount and having millions of eyeballs over it, offers the accessibility to entrepreneurs in this digitally growing world. Using the platforms of digital media like LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook incurs less investment and more visibility.

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