Creativity, Hardwork, Smartwork & Money!

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Seeing the entertainment industry from a distance, I had believed it’s all about luck and beauty that makes this industry of chota parda & bada parda. But, after getting little closer to it, my perception changed wholly. This entertainment industry which has so much to offer the world is full of creativity, hardwork & money. YES, I meant all three and this is because creativity of the concept designers, script writers, director of Photography, music creators, lyrics writers, cinematography all are deeply involved in making a movie or a serial a hit show. Whereas, the cameraman, lights & sound man, technicians which are the back stage of any such film, documentary or a serial , are also the pillars behind such successes. Smartwork by the directors, actors, producers give a final touch to the outlook. Money comes in the role when the project has to be funded, and wise-e-versa.

So how does this industry work? Let me tell you a bit about the Bada Parda ( Cinema today ). Movie is like a baby which is born as a concept by the writer. The one line concept by the writer is further summarized as a whole film, script writers then write the scenes and dialogues and the frame is built. It takes a shape of a story and is being narrated to the producer, director and other script approval experts. Once the script is approved it is being taken to the actors who are being thought to be signed for the movie. The actors and their PR agency approves the script and then the music, cinematography, etc is being fixed. Many times it happens like the producer does the research and finalizes the music & actors simultaneously. Most of the movies are based on long research of about a year or more and then being written.

A movie of 16 reels, merely of 3 hours has usually taken years to be made. Directors, assistant directors, music composer and directors are signed, locations are fixed for each scene and sketches are prepared, dates are fixed for the shooting and also the shooting time all these are known as pre production work and then starts the production of a film i.e. film making. The production takes tie from 3 months to years sometime and then the editing and dubbing work is done. After the entire movie is ready the marketing & publicity plan is designed

Distribution of the movie is planned & theatres are pre booked for the release once the release date is decided. Friday is the day usually movies are released, but when to release the movie after being made is solely producers call. Digital media, print media and television media various ways are being used to release the promos and trailer. And then now here comes the release day!