Success is just one effort away

I believe – “Success is just one effort away”
With my ever growing steps towards Business activities and Marketing orientations, I have experienced that no path is that thorny. You just require significant efforts and countless dedication into your field and all the barricades of lives would choose to park aside.
With such a belief and courage, I co-founded by dream castle – Mantra, back in 2015 with an intention to incubate the ideas and nurture it gently to provide business support to multiple sectors and help them grow by fabricating effective Digital Marketing strategies. Moreover, looking towards the mushrooming growth our team of experts have initiated Website Designing, Branding works, Monetary investments, Business strategy, technology development and more with an integrated and holistic management.
Today, our journey got matured by supporting young incumbents through financial aids and further helped them in converting their idea into a fine display of prototyping. We also assist them through pitch deck and personally nourish their steps at a primary stage so that they grow upwards. We understand that it is really a big challenge to grow business from scratch and start something breakthrough. Therefore, we provide collaborative services within a reasonable package so that you can have a result oriented growth.
“We are happy to become your ladders of efforts and success.”

Jealously, admiration, or inspiration?

A few weeks back, my cousin shared that her friend’s hubby gets up by 4 am as he is a great leader and has to handle 2700+ people reporting to him in the organization. That day while going to bed instead of checking Instagram stories, I Googled about people getting up early morning. My decision became firm to do so, and within a week I started practicing the same.  I owe you dear cousin and also the one who inspired me, we shall definitely sit across the table and share a deal in the future, let me climb the stairs to reach that level.

What happens when I get up at 4 am?
The whole universe seems to be tuning to your thoughts and you start getting all the answers you have ever doubted. Long-term business ideas, good deeds to be done, great achievements being planned, it feels as if God wanted that conversation to hit me so strongly. Even on Saturdays and Sundays mornings, I have to make myself sleep till late just for the sake of the fear of my poor health conditions for so long. 

Solutions at 4 am
2022 – September, October, November, and December was a tough period of life. Both emotionally, mentally, financially, and moreover physically too. My health got disturbed a few times, one international client had somehow taken away my peace of mind by dictating his terms and tone to me. Fear of losing a big client, the entire burden got shifted to the team performing his tasks and disturbed the entire organization. All of sudden this getting up by 4 am started giving me more peace than ever before, and finally got some guts to say we are not interested to work for you the dear client.

When you are self-aware, you know you have that power within to excel but people around make you feel incompetent. Don’t listen to people around you, go with your instincts and give another good leader to the world. Be patient, calm, and composed, and the universe is all set to make your every wish come true.

2023 started well, early mornings, no late evenings, a good healthcare regime, good words to share, and much more. Love sharing thoughts so just planned to scribble and share with many people who are thinking like me on this earth. May this reaches you too..drop me a comment if you enjoyed the read.

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Completion Of 7 years Of Business Mantra Company & its verticals…7 days to go…3/2/2022

Why are CMOs expected to be customer champions? 

Why are CMOs known as frontline defenders of the brand? 

Why CMOs are called the drivers of company growth initiatives? 

CMOs are intellectually ambidextrous and visionary. They have the knack to flip between the art and science of marketing and quickly adapt to the changing requirements of brand development. 

Every business begins with an idea that is just waiting to hatch. It undergoes several rejections and modifications before taking any final decision. It’s quite obvious that you will think about where your dollars go first and how much output you can seize. 

Yes, initially you may have doubt or hesitation regarding the success rate of your idea launch. And certainly, that is holding you to conceptualize your idea into reality. The best you do is stop thinking over the possibilities of failure and dive in to see the results. 

Now, you must be wondering – 

“Am I building a castle in the air? Or shooting an arrow with no hit target?” 

You are correct. Every product launch or brand promotion requires a significant amount of investment to experience the desired results and you can’t do so aimlessly, right? 

That’s where CMO comes into the picture. 

CMO – The lifeblood of any organization 

CMOs are whole-brained. They discuss a pool of ideas that never come to life due to paralysis by analysis. As a result, CMOs contribute crucially in creating an actionable plan and developing some solid proof strategies to convert your concept into reality. 

The idea doesn’t have to be forgotten. It can get better by conducting A/B testing for bringing some sincere improvements to the idea. 

CMO – Following agile management 

Every organization has the fear of failure. Therefore where frontline managers may fail to convert the idea into reality, CMOs work enthusiastically and follow agile management to make it happen. 

They conduct research, study the market space and competition and invest quality time to convert a concept into reality. No matter the concepts, CMOs remain agile and be open to exploring the idea if it can affect the profit shortly. 

CMO – Functions with a lean startup model 

Would-be entrepreneurs often get stuck in the ideation process because they put the effort into testing ideas rather than the product. However, in a real sense, follow a lean startup model and conduct a series of small tests to validate your idea quickly and inexpensively. 

Go and do as many target interviews as you can and focus on the problem-solving part. That’s the basics of brand building and development. 

Hire CMO now for a successful built-in strategic formulation!

How much beneficial is Dot-Com Transformation?

With the rapid downfall of the world economy, dot-com companies still hold a possibility of growth and development with expanding their online presence. While Brick and Mortar companies are facing slashes with lower sales revenue. Not only these companies but even start-ups are bubbling with the ropes of online business.

Do you know why?

Online Business has become no more hype but real truth that stimulates their expansion and strengthen the customer base by exploring the horizons of local boundaries. There is always a mushrooming demand to extend your brick and mortar business with click and Portal so that you can increase the opportunities of growth and development. A true industry observer may not find it dramatic to create an online presence because he understands where the stability of growth lies. 

If you still have questions, read the claims and conclusions made by the Researcher.

 A research conducted by Gartner regarding online platform claims that almost 81% of small business found it beneficial in expanding their business. They have seen significant growth in their business when sold products through the online platform during last year’s holiday season and festival months. This led to a proliferation in the business and simultaneously attracted potential customers onto their site.

Beyond that, there are additional reasons for a dot-com transformation.

The small climb gets you a broader leap

The Internet has become a bursting bubble that is nourishing the growth of multiple industries. It has completely changed the ways how traditional business was done. It strengthens the reputation of your company and allows selling products in any corner of the world with a strong and supportive system. Along with that, it helps in bridging networking and stimulating multiple businesses that support each other in growing.

Isn’t that so beneficial? Look at PayTm and its ever-growing customer base irrespective of competitors in the market.

The growth of the internet has created a change in the perception and attitude of customers and has shaped their behaviour towards the payment system and maintaining E-Wallets. That’s a good omen! So you do have not to convince customers for online payment. (Maintains social distancing)

Building and Blasting both are possible

Creating an online presence could be an easy task but the real pressure is in maintaining it. To resolve your problem, use Digital Marketing tools and techniques to directly connect with your customers (Interested) and attract potential clients simultaneously. Further, to ease your task, you can hire a professional Marketing Agency who will take care of your end-to-end activities and pay attention to every corner to increase your visibility followed by attractive content and appealing visuals.

Irrespective of your target market, today almost everyone has a mobile and basic internet connection and there are some of the other ways glued to technology. They demand convenience and innovation. Thus, with online activity, you can develop various touchpoints for your customers and ensure convenience by delivering goods at their doorstep (yes, they will be sanitized well).

Do you know, Zomato provided No Contact Delivery during COVID-19. They delivered goods at the doorstep with online payment. (Zero Interaction Delivery)

This is how you can grow and multiply your business taking the benefits of moment marketing. 

Shhh! It cuts cost and expenses

Looking towards the development and augmentation of new technologies, it has become very easy and convenient to deal with the operations without involving much cost. You can bill the products with quick scanning and easily ship them at the right place with the help of supply chain management. Thus, online shopping will minimize your operating cost without incurring any additional expense over repairs and Maintainance by adopting dot-com solutions.

Your cost savings can later turn into a company’s net profit.

Then why to wait for, no opportunity will knock your door again.

It’s the right time to open the door and accept the offer.

My life is your dream & Your life is Mine!

After having a blissful Diwali, there is still a sense of dissatisfaction within. While just roaming around the town during Diwali I found few beggars on the road side. A young girl with two siblings I guess, were sitting and counting coins they had.

I stood there for few minutes and watched them; I got tears in my eyes. I was completely dressed up and they had hardly worn full clothes and that was a DIWALI DAY.

People often tell beggars to work, but I haven’t seen anyone giving them work in real sense. I couldn’t resist myself, so gave few rupees to them and also wished them Happy Diwali, which they could hardly understand. But I guess seeing me smiling and wishing them, they returned me a smile.

While coming back home in the car, I discussed the life of beggars and billionaires with my hubby. To this he used the above phrase “(Billionaires) Your life is my dream, and My life is Yours (Beggars). We all aim to become billionaires and poor might want to become like us.

No one of us is unknown to the stark reality of how many people sleep hungry daily and how many die out of starvation.

I feel too shameful when I read the facts and figures of poverty in India and the entire world. I am not able to forget their faces till now and it takes me to a hurricane of thoughts when I read articles saying millions of people starving, homeless, and malnourished in India, which is known as a Digital India now.

Should we all have a debate in festivals talking about how insensitive the Government is about such alarming issues? Is a fistful of rice, a roti or any food so expensive for us that we can’t feed one person a week? Won’t it give us more happiness to feed a poor child instead of decorating lamps and spending thousands on fire crackers?

I feel it as a matter of disgrace that we are not able to bring a change within and do something for making our country a better place to live in. This festive I promise myself to do a small effort of feeding just one person in a week OR devoting my few hours of a month to join a NGO and do something for the poor in my country and beyond.

I am definitely going to use my life improving the life of poor not only in my country but in the entire world.