World Music Day – Is it only today?

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We have all known that today is World Music Day. Well, good to know about these days, at least we all celebrate it without the discrimination of Caste N creed. When I thought of this musical day, the first thought hit my mind was drum set. Making a huge noise and letting the world know, I have just began to live, just began to understand, just began to succeed and therez gonna be a lot my way to climb up and have a roaring successful life.

I remembered all my friends N associates whom I wanted to wish for this day. I also promised myself to gift a wonderful Drum Set on my next birthday and learn playing drums.

World Music Day can’t be just one, it is the power of music which keeps us alive. The sweet melody of birds chirping in the morning which wakes us up to live our dreams. The sweet music which is there in the air by Almighty God, which motivates us to live despite of any difficult situation. Music of various instruments which are played and create a song of togetherness.

I am so glad today, that all these sweet musical showers doesn’t really need to know the caste and creed, it doesn’t know any boundaries. It is a Monsoon rain which carries lots of love and imagination for all equally and showers the same on all.

We all live in a musical world where there is so much to listen to various types of music and songs and feel rejuvenated. I love listening to music when I am sad, (which rarely I am), when I am glad, (Most of the times), when I am energetic (Everyday), When I am low, (once in 4/5 years), when I am full of life (always), when I am in love (forever)……and specially when I go to bed.

I would like to thank all those who have given us these melodious tunes and songs, for us to enjoy it in every moment of life.

Keep loving and keep sharing, let’s all make this world a beautiful music to live and enjoy forever.