Sanitize Your SOUL

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#CoronaVirus is all over the world, affecting 190 countries now. Facts & figures all in front of you. We all are crazily buying sanitizers & disinfectants to keep ourselves, our hands etc clean of bacteria & disease.

So easily the virus is spreading that we all have isolated ourselves from this virus to be alive. In such time I just thought *aise hi* – do we ever think on sanitizing our SOUL??

Do we not make each other unhappy every day? Shout on elders? scold children? disobey our partners? yell, misbehave, not pray, no charity, no mercy, we practically are completely infectious of the Virus named

#inhumanity #hate-redness #loveless #selfishness

How many days in a year of 365, do we remember when we did not spread the virus of negativity & humiliation. When did you last remember telling your elders you love them? When did you voluntarily took a day off & enjoyed shopping and fun with family without ignoring them?

Why are we dying every day? Why can’t we live & let live to others or teach people to live happily? Why can’t we be our own BEST version & kill all bacteria and virus inside us.

So much we do for the body in which we live in & so less or nothing at all for the soul we are blessed of by the God.

 I have started my journey to SANITIZE MY SOUL for last 6 years now. I want to be better ME, better God’s child & better version of a human being which can make God smile of His Own creation.